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Crisis Interventions

Crisis interventions are often a last resort when a person continually engages in self-destructive behavior, and crisis interventions can be lifesaving tools by which a person can find a healthy way of living. Many people live their lives dealing with painful issues or emotional disorders, and because they are feel they are unable to cope, they turn to drugs and alcohol to escape their feelings. Although their intention is not to become addicted to the substances that is usually the result, and a crisis intervention may be the only way to get through to them.

A person in need of a crisis intervention may be threatening suicide or may be involved in dangerous and criminal behavior of which he/she would never do without the aid of drugs or alcohol. In some cases addicts lose hope in life, while in others daily responsibilities begin to falter as the addiction worsens.

Prescription Drug Intervention

Crisis interventions begin when a loved one, friend or family, picks up the phone and asks for help. If the addict is willing to seek treatment, a crisis intervention can be unnecessary, however if he/she is becoming sicker but does not think a prescription drug intervention is needed, then a crisis intervention is key. Once the call for help has been made, the loved ones know that they are not alone in the struggle against addiction and begin to gain hope that recovery can happen. Many times the individual will be in denial and resistant to help, so it may be important that he/she does not find out about the crisis intervention until it occurs. Prescription drug interventions are also done when an individual is abusing drugs like vicodin, xanax, and oxycontin. Some prescription drug addicts will require a detox before they are able to go through drug treatment.

Behavior Intervention Plan

Crisis interventions have extremely high success rates because intervention specialists are professionally trained and can often relate their own experiences to the experiences of the addicts they help. The actual crisis intervention will involve the family members, the intervention specialist and the addicted individual. The specialist will explain the behavior intervention plan and what is happening and the family members will be able to discuss their feelings and concerns with the addict. If the crisis intervention is successful the addict will agree to leave with the specialist and enter a suitable treatment facility.

Crisis interventions can be trying experiences, but at National Rehabs, our specialists make sure that the behavior intervention plan is as stress-free as possible for everyone involved. If someone you love has a problem with substance abuse and is unable to admit it, seeking a crisis intervention from National Rehabs may be the only hope. Please do not hesitate to call and find out about how to help someone start on the journey to a new way of life.

Drug Rehab Interventions & Drug Treatment

Drug rehab interventions and drug treatment can be conducted through our team of specialists that will coordinate directly with the drug rehab facility. The drug rehab intervention will consist of an intervention and a stay with an accredited rehabilitation facility. Drug treatment will begin once the individual has entered the drug rehab center. Our intervention specialist will stay in contact with the family and the individual throughout the drug treatment process to give the family periodic updates on how the individual is doing.


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